Thursday, January 10, 2013

é já amanhã...

a new moon has the power to change your life for a year to come


"Be ready, dear Aries. You get bored easily - this month won't give you a moment to have nothing to do. Just the opposite: You are about to jump on your skateboard and be busy every second. The first three weeks will bring you your very best career opportunities of 2013. Your tenth house of fame and honors will be brimming with planets, with Venus, Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon all working to help you raise your profile in your industry in an impressive way.
Days when romance and friendship will shine brightly, especially in groups, include January 22 and 25, thanks to loving vibrations by surprise-a-minute Uranus.
Friends will play a large part in your life this month, too, for Mars will bring lots of action and happy events. Jupiter will contact Mars on January 4, a very lucky day for you in many ways, but especially in terms of a friend's outstanding sensitivity to your situation and the lengths she will go for you."


"This month had to be designed especially for you by angels. Five heavenly bodies, including the Sun, new moon (on January 11), Venus, Mercury, and Pluto - half the solar system - will congregate in your house of true love. You've not seen a buildup of planetary energy like this in years. It will be imperative that you find time to socialize, and just as importantly, to find a way to relax when do.
I should mention that if you are in a creative profession, this month you will be scoring big gains. Be sure to present your ideas in the first three weeks, with the biggest and most important presentation scheduled for after January 11, possibly in the week of January 14 to 18. The whole week glitters brightly for you, and if you need approvals, they should be forthcoming.
The full moon on January 26 will bring time for rest in the days that follow. Plan a spa treatment or a leisurely weekend away in a beautiful natural setting. If either is not possible now, then choose to sleep in a little later than usual and then attend an event that will be fun, with a touch of luxury and pampering. You will have quite an exciting, busy month in January, so plan to ease off and treat yourself to rest and relaxation as it winds down."


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rebenta a bolha!!!

"In contrast to December, January will be deliciously social, and this month you will be able to masterfully combine business with pleasure, and not even feel like you are "working" when you do. This month, five heavenly bodies, including the Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and the new moon, January 11, will crowd into your eleventh house of friendship and hopes and wishes."

diz que 2013 é o ano do eixo Virgem - Peixes
eu cá digo que já é tempo de rebentar a bolha!


missão cumprida

foram entregues no sábado.
espero que consigam arrancar sorrisos.